Among the popular seafood, you must have heard the name tiger shrimp. So what is black tiger shrimp? Let’s answer these questions with TLC Thai Lien in this article.

Marine shrimp

1- What is tiger shrimp?


Black tiger shrimp, whose scientific name is Penaeus monodon, is a famous shrimp worldwide.It is known as marine shrimp, distributed from the east coast of Africa to the coast of Japan. In some areas of eastern Australia, the Mediterranean, Hawaii, and the Atlantic coast of the United States, this shrimp species also appear in small numbers.

Penaeus monodon have a large size, averaging about 36cm long each and at the same time larger than other shrimp, up to 650g / head. Thick shrimp shells include many colors, such as red, brown, gray, and blue. Penaeus monodon meat is also tougher and firmer than white shrimp.

fresh shrimp
Black Tiger Shrimp

Black tiger shrimp are cold-blooded animals that are easily affected by the climate. Previously, black tiger shrimp lived only in the sea. Still, due to consumer tastes, this type of shrimp has been cultivated in freshwater areas.

Nutritional value

Black tiger shrimp is a rich source of nutrients with protein and many essential nutrients for the body. In particular, black tiger shrimp does not contain fat and has a relatively low-calorie content. The amount of nutrition in 1 black tiger shrimp is as follows:

  • Sodium: 76.7mgr
  • Carbohydrates: 1.5g
  • Fiber: 0.2g
  • Protein: 3.2g
  • Calcium: 1% DV
  • Iron: 2% DV
  • Potassium: 1% DV
PDTO black tiger shrimp

2 – Popular types

“Mother tiger shrimp”

“Mother tiger shrimp” is also known by many other names, such as sea tiger shrimp. This is a wrist-sized shrimp, on par with a blue lobster. The supply of mother tiger shrimp is not much, so its price is relatively high compared to farmed black tiger shrimp.

“Mother tiger shrimp” is incredibly delicious, sweet, firm meat with the typical sea flavor. Mother tiger shrimp is “on par” with lobster thanks to the same taste but more heart. This is an excellent choice for seafood enthusiasts.

Marine Shrimp (black tiger) vietnam origin

Ca Mau black tiger shrimp

Ca Mau black tiger shrimp is one of the specialties of the southern land. This type of shrimp is grown entirely naturally, eating natural foods thanks to complex farming techniques.

The meat of Ca Mau black tiger shrimp is juicy and firm, and the size is also relatively larger than that of white shrimp, about 10-13cm long. Thanks to its taste, the price of this type of shrimp is relatively high but still lower than that of the mother tiger shrimp.

Cà Mau shrimp

3 – Distinguishing farmed black tiger shrimp and marine black tiger shrimp

Due to market demand, black tiger shrimp has been widely cultivated. However, wild-caught Penaeus monodon still have a more delicious and distinctive flavor. To ensure a meal, you must distinguish between farmed black tiger shrimp and marine black tiger shrimp through their external appearance.

Natural black tiger shrimp often have a characteristic red or yellow color and are large and uneven in size. Meanwhile, farmed black tiger shrimp will have the same green color as other shrimp, smaller in size than marine black tiger shrimp.

black tiger shrimp Vietnam origin

4 – How to preserve fresh?

How to preserve live Penaeus monodon?

Preserving fresh seafood requires many specialized techniques, especially with black tiger shrimp.

Put the fresh tiger shrimp in the water, and cover the net to prevent the black tiger shrimp from jumping out. It would help if you ensured this is a clean and still water source or only mild ripples. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the density of shrimp does not exceed 300 shrimp/m3, and an oxygen pump must be used for shrimp.

These are all complicated operations, requiring high expertise and specialized tools. Therefore, the preservation of live black tiger shrimp is only available in business establishments, food processing establishments, or large restaurants.

tiger shrimp

How to store shrimp in the refrigerator?

Refrigeration is the most suitable way to preserve shrimp in families and is chosen by many housewives.

First, you need to prepare the shrimp. Remove the shrimp antennae, use a brush to clean the shrimp’s body, and then rinse with clean water. Let dry for about 10 minutes before freezing.

When the shrimp is dry, put it in food containers, close the box’s lid, wipe the outer shell, and then put it in the freezer compartment. Low temperatures will prevent bacteria from growing, preserving Penaeus monodon for a long time.

However, the best-eaten black tiger shrimp is still eaten when fresh; long-term freezing will reduce its deliciousness. You should only store shrimp for up to 2 weeks to enjoy the best food.

This article has provided you with information about what is black tiger shrimp. How to choose and preserve Penaeus monodon. I hope you got some helpful information.

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