10 Tips for Buying the Perfect Pangasius Fillet

Pangasius fillet semi trimmed

Pangasius is an excellent fish for carnivores. It’s relatively inexpensive, high in protein and lower in fat than most other meats. And, it’s caught wild and sustainably farmed, so there are no concerns about overfishing or the sustainability of the supply chain. If you’ve never tried pangasius before, now may be the perfect time to […]

Vietnam Exports Over 90,000 Tons Of Pangasius Fillet Well Trimmed To The US

frozen pangasius fillet un trimmed

In the first eight months of 2022, frozen pangasius fillets account for 87% of pangasius export value to the US. Vietnam is estimated to export about 94 thousand tons of frozen pangasius fillet well trimmed to the US during this period. After a deep decline in July 2022, pangasius exports in August recovered slightly. Pangasius […]

Collection Of 10 Delicious Dishes From Dory (Basa/Pangasius) Fish Fillet That You Cannot Ignore?

Suppose you are looking for delicious dishes to entertain your family. Then let’s look at ten delicious dishes from dory fish fillets that you cannot ignore! Many people love dishes from dory fish fillet because of their diverse flavors, delicious dishes, and rich nutrients. So, to pocket more delicious dishes from basa fish fillets, let’s […]

What is black tiger shrimp? Types of black tiger shrimp?

Ca Mau shrimp

Among the popular seafood, you must have heard the name tiger shrimp. So what is black tiger shrimp? Let’s answer these questions with TLC Thai Lien in this article. 1- What is tiger shrimp? Characteristics Black tiger shrimp, whose scientific name is Penaeus monodon, is a famous shrimp worldwide.It is known as marine shrimp, distributed […]

Breakthrough for Pangasius industry from high-tech application

High-tech pangasius farming model in An Giang.

An Giang, a central pangasius-producing province in the Mekong Delta, is determined to create a breakthrough for this industry by attracting high-tech investment in production and processing. 1 – Modernizing the pangasius (Dory/basa) industry with high technology In recent years, Vietnam’s dory industry has faced many difficulties in production and export due to the impact […]

The price of frozen pangasius imported from Vietnam to the US increased by 56%

frozen pangasius fillet

“According to Vietnam Customs statistics, in the first eight months of 2022, Vietnam’s pangasius exports reached over $1.8 billion, up 81% over the same period last year, which pangasius exports to the US market accounted for 23% with more than 421 million USD, up 87%” – VASEP Particularly in August 2022, pangasius exports to the US […]

Pangasius exports to the UK in August 2022 increased 3 times over the same period

“The UK is in the top 10 seafood import markets of Vietnam, accounting for 3% of seafood export value. In the first 8 months of this year, seafood exports to the UK increased by 3.5% to 213 million USD, of which pangasius (Dory/Basa) exports accounted for 47 million USD” – VASP Inflation in the UK […]

The reason you should eat Pangasius regularly

frozen pangasius steak

Pangasius Nutrition Fact – Pangasius is known as a specialty of the Mekong River, and is a popular export item in the world because it contains abundant Omega-3, DHA and EPA that are good for all locations as well as a rich amount of Vitamin E against cancer. oxidize. Go with TLC Thai Lien to […]

Vietnam seafood trades arrived at multiple billion USD in the principal half of 2022

frozen pangasius fillet

(seafood.vasep.com.vn) In June 2022, Vietnam’s absolute commodities of marine items arrived at north of 377 million USD, rising 32% to a similar period in 2021. In the initial a half year of 2022, Vietnam’s commodities of marine items arrived at multiple billion USD, up 26% over a similar period last year. As of now, marine […]