Pangasius Nutrition Fact – Pangasius is known as a specialty of the Mekong River, and is a popular export item in the world because it contains abundant Omega-3, DHA and EPA that are good for all locations as well as a rich amount of Vitamin E against cancer. oxidize. Go with TLC Thai Lien to find people, so eat fish often.

pangasius whole round
Pangasius Whole Round

1 – Omega 3

frozen pangasius fillet un trimmed
Frozen Pangasius Fillet Un-trimmed

Omega-3 can prevent arteriosclerosis, enhance memory performance. Therefore, when eating fish regularly will prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, the rate of unsaturated fatty acids in pangasius fat (over 70%), no cholesterol, should be beneficial to health. That’s why even if you eat a lot of fatty fish, you still won’t gain weight. Pangasius fat is better for the elderly than other animal fats. Therefore, you should eat fish 2-3 times a week to help the body absorb essential nutrients.

2 – DHA & EPA

DHA and EPA are derived from Omega-3. DHA in catfish helps eyes and nervous system to help children smart, bright eyes and develop perfect function. EPA present in pangasius forms unsaturated fatty acids Prostagladin in the blood, helping to keep blood circulation clear. Eating more pangasius will prevent cardiovascular diseases.

3 – Vitamin E

Antioxidant Vitamin E in pangasius will help prevent aging, care for your skin to always be young. Lacking a source of Vitamin E your skin will be prone to dryness, wrinkling and hair loss. For pregnant women, Vitamin E also helps the pregnancy process to be favorable and helps the fetus develop better.

Pangasius Nutrition Fact – Because of the reasons you should eat pangasius above, housewives can prepare delicious dishes from pangasius to help protect the family’s health. Or mothers can use cooking oil from pangasius fat in cooking to provide the necessary nutrition for the body.

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