Pangasius is not only a specialty fish of the Mekong Delta but also contains many healthy nutrients. At the same time, pangasius can easily turn into many attractive dishes. Frozen Pangasius Fillet Well-trimmed, boneless,  skinless, belly off, fat off, red meat off ensures to meet strict requirements for quality and preservation.


  Scientific name

  Pangasius Hypophthalmus


  Frozen Pangasius fillet well-trimmed, boneless,  skinless, belly off, fat off, red meat off


   White to light pink


  No STPP; or Light treatment: STPP treated as US/ Canada standards, 85/86% moisture, etc.

 Standard treatment: STPP treated as EU standards


  Under specific requirements from customers (170/220; 200-300; 300-400; 400/UP)

  Net weight

  Under specific requirements from customers (100%, 95%, 90%, etc.)


  Under specific requirements from customers:

   – IQF, bulk 10kgs/ ctn

   – IQF, shatter pack/ interleaved, 5kgs x 2/ ctn

   – IQF, 2.5 kgs/ bag x 4/ ctn, 1kg/ bag x 10/ ctn (bag packaging)

  Weight of each bag can be adjusted based on customer’s requirements




   EXW, FOB, CFR, CIF, DAF, etc.

  Payment term

   L/C, T/T, etc.

We are proud to be the leading exporter in Vietnam of pangasius products such as:

Frozen pangasius fillet

Frozen pangasius portion

Frozen pangasius block

Frozen pangasius value added products

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